Thursday, 9 August 2012

10 Things to Expect from College / University!

NO Cliche: University was the best time of my life so far! Here is a heads up on what to expect

  1. You will be broke at some point -
    unless the bank of mummy and daddy helps you out, which will require some grovelling as in my case lol.
  2. You will make great friends and meet some crazy imbeciles
    Each set will bring joy into your life, One makes you happy when they step in, the other when they step out! 
  3. Distractions will be everywhere
    Toga parties, daytime tv... who knew that cash in the attic could be so fascinating?
  4. There is a really really high chance you will get fat
    At least 2 dress sizes - if you are not careful!
  5. Relationships
    your high school relationship might end, or it might be strengthened, either way long distance relationships are hard! Think carefully if the person you are investing all the time and effort in is worth it... if so, cool beans! 
  6. You will be miserable.. sometimes
    Even if it is only for a few moments when you suddenly realise that you miss home! Also when the fire alarm goes off at 3am in the morning and you have a 9am class. 
  7. Roomates
    see number 2
  8. There will be lots of work to do and no one to force you to do it!
    YAY! for the organised folks, NAY to everyone else because it takes herculean effort to maintain your focus at uni/college. I certainly struggled at first, then it became second nature :-)
  9. Word spreads fast!
    Think twice and be easy on the alcohol. You can have a great time at university and graduate with your dignity intact! Uni in England lasts 2 - 3 years, but you don't want to be remembered as 'The girl who... " for the rest of your life
  10. Help is everywhere!
    Seek the support of your friends, family and counsellors if things get a bit difficult! 

I go into much more detail on my youtube channel



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At 9 August 2012 at 06:37 , Blogger Dee O. said...

Your list is very accurate!! I agree with every single point lol, college is definitely an experience! :)


At 9 August 2012 at 09:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I have a question ...and this may seem dumb. Basically, I am going to a University far from home and living in the dorms, and my biggest concern so far is WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH MY HAIR! Lol, I know this should be the least of my concerns, but for the past year I been wearing my natural hair, I've always been natural, but I've always worn braids and weaves. So now that I am going to school I don't know if I can "handle" my natural hair. The university I'm going to is predominantly white/Caucasian and seeing as I am going to be far from home, I wont have the conveniences of spending the day in the bathroom detangling, washing, and styling my natural hair. Plus, I am just worried about the looks and criticism I might receive from my peers/roommates. So basically what I'm asking is: what should I do? Weave or braids seem great because I can wear them long term, and its easy to maintain, plus I think its more "safe," But then again, I feel like I am betraying my natural hair. Its frustrating, my natural hair is at that awkward length where its short, but not twa short, like lower-neck length so my styling options are limited. Finally (i know this is long), but I jut want to look presentable/attractive, I don't want to be judged by my hair...but I also don't want to feel like wearing my natural hair is bad.
What do you think? How did you wear your hair while in college?

At 10 August 2012 at 01:17 , Blogger AllisBelle said...

haha hair is a worthy concern trust, but it should not be your priority. Don't worry about criticism, people should accept you for who you are! Also don't mistake curiosity for criticism, your white friends/peers will inevitably be just that. But its cool, I figure Id be just as curious in their position. I would suggest braids, wash frequently, keep it moisturised and you are good to go. Weave looks great, but it requires a lot more maintenance, My first year of Uni was spent in different types of braids.

Hair is not as deep as people make it out to be, hence why I don't delve too much in the subject, at uni I had relaxed hair, which I hated and never wore out, but as soon as I started taking care of it and it looked much better I had the confidence to wear it out. I big chopped in uni too, but wore lots of weaves, braids, and whatever I felt like. Just Do what feels comfortable to you, just don't use extensions as a crutch, You'll have to go back to your own hair at some point! good luck!


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10 Things to Expect from College / University!