Friday, 31 May 2013

Park Guell in Barcelona - A MUST SEE!

 photo IMG_6464copy_zpsa1cfeee8.jpg I didn't know what to expect when the concierge told us to visit Park Guell and reserve 4 to 5 hours for getting round the park. I thought that was a long time, but goodness, it was no where near enough! 

 Park Guell is spectacular! Designed by Antoni Gaudi,  its a massive park set on a hill with loads of interesting architectural structures and beautiful greenery, and I'm not going to talk about the incredible view, check it out yourself and see why UNESCO has designated the Park a world heritage site!

Oh and do you like my photography skills? loving my new camera :-) Now if only I can figure out how to stop my pictures looking blurry on this blog I'd be a happy girl!

 photo IMG_6564copy_zpsd2414226.jpg  photo IMG_6570copy_zps4eaf907d.jpg
 photo IMG_6536copy_zps47535a29.jpg It was such a mission to get to, we had to walk up this incredibly steep hill/mountain, it felt like I was on incline 50 on the treadmill!

 photo IMG_6444copy_zps3142c092.jpg Thankfully we got to a point were we could take escalators but be warned, this is not a trip you want to be wearing wedges or heels! Don't say I didnt give you a heads up!  photo IMG_6439copy_zpse00aac65.jpg Once up top the view was so worth it!  photo IMG_6562copy_zpsbe5bc465.jpg The park is full of incredible greenery, it felt like I was on the set of Alice in Wonderland or something  photo IMG_6466copy_zps1a631278.jpg  photo IMG_6485copy_zps1f21bd8a.jpg  photo IMG_6537copy_zps661a56b0.jpg The girls and I had so much fun!  photo IMG_6538copy_zpsa8cf8e03.jpg  photo IMG_6530copy_zps1562e8de.jpg So if you are ever in Barcelona, you must check Park Guell out and thank me later! It is not difficult to get to at all, we stayed in the Ramblas and I'd say we got there in like twenty minutes give or take time wasted being tourists and taking pictures of everything!

I love travelling, wish I could just live the life of a rich nomad! hehe, more Barcelona and Ibiza to come! Do let me know if you are liking these travel posts and suggest another destination in Europe for me to visit! :-)


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Park Guell in Barcelona - A MUST SEE!