Thursday, 24 October 2013

Birthday by the Dubai Fountains!

Gold midi dress, Dubai Fashion, London Fashon dubai fountain show chocolate birthday cake I mentioned in my last post that the whole of last week was spent celebrating my birthday. As indulgent as that might sound, it simply meant that I celebrated each day with thanks - I never expected to be able to visit any part of Asia this year nor did I think that I would enjoy my move to Dubai as much as I have! I am particularly grateful for the amazing new friends I've made since I moved! So naturally, on my actual birthday (20 October), I chose to have dinner with some of my favorite friends - new and old!

We went to Thiptara at the Palace hotel in Dubai and it was spectacular! Our laughter and banter was punctuated with good food and an amazing view of the fountain shows. I was really pleased we had a table overlooking the fountains, Thiptara appeared to be fully booked but found a spot for me and my friends when I mentioned it was my birthday! Fountain show Dubai gold vintage dress
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IMG_9556 Thai restaurant dubai, Thiptara IMG_9563 It was also my first time at the Palace Hotel and I was completely taken in by how beautiful the grounds were. I will definitely be returning to have some sheesha by the pool! palace hotel, dubai IMG_0658IMG_0664 IMG_9639 copy dubai at night My favourite part was definitely the fountain show, I've seen the fountains so many times now but it definiely never gets old! dubai fountain showbirthday cake

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At 24 October 2013 at 19:45 , Blogger Unknown said...

I just gah over your photos! <3 Lol!

At 25 October 2013 at 05:24 , Blogger Unknown said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.
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At 25 October 2013 at 18:16 , Blogger Bisous Natasha said...

Happy Birthday again Adele ! :) Dubai looking amazing. I am envying you more and more each day. Ugh, if only I could save up enough cash to come visit while you are still there. Everything looks so beautiful !

At 27 October 2013 at 13:42 , Blogger Zayna Daze said...

Happy Birthday Adele, wishing you wonderful things x

At 29 October 2013 at 07:26 , Blogger Life's a shoe said...

great photos! would love to go to Dubai one of these days!

At 29 October 2013 at 23:27 , Blogger GirlsAreDolls said...

The atmosphere looks beautiful

At 30 October 2013 at 19:01 , Blogger Unknown said...

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At 2 November 2013 at 22:15 , Blogger Dolce Virginia said...

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At 6 November 2013 at 10:33 , Blogger Unknown said...

The place looks beautiful.Happy Birthday Adele

Best Regards
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At 9 November 2013 at 11:33 , Blogger ruediger benedikt said...

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Birthday by the Dubai Fountains!