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Pure Luxury - Siam Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

The Siam Hotel Bangkok, Thailand, Travel blog The Siam Hotel Thailand, Luxury hotel, Art DecoInterior Design For me, the best part of our entire Thailand adventure was undoubtedly the time we spent at the gorgeous Siam hotel in Bangkok. Before that, we had been parasailing in Coral Island, undersea walking, riding elephants and generally having a crazy time (check out my vlog channel to see the videos!).
However, as fun as that all was, I was really craving a chance to escape it all and unwind before heading back to Dubai. I'd been incredibly busy before my holiday and did not feel rested at all due to all the activities. I knew that would be the case, so before we left Dubai, I had browsed Condenast Traveller to find a hotel where we could spend our last night in Thailand at a more leisurely pace. The Siam caught my eye because I like anything art deco and was drawn to the resort style description of the hotel.

I'd never been to Bangkok before and didn't know what to expect so relied on the good folks at Condenast and I'm pretty glad I did! We booked the Mae Nam suite which is one up from the Siam suite, the most 'basic' suite available. Looking at the pictures below, it is hard to believe there were even better suites!
  Room Design, luxury hotels in Bangkok, hotel review,IMG_9367 copy

I love baths, so can you imagine how excited I was to see this sight just as I stepped round the corner?
I mean it is just a bath - okay, and most hotels have them these days, but I haven't seen a quaint old school one like this in a while. As I soaked in the bath I must admit I felt a bit like Lady Mary in Downton Abbey, absolutely wonderful!
  luxury bath tubIMG_9391 copy Nothing, not even this delightful work space, could tempt me into flicking on my laptop to work/blog/vlog or do any of my usual online habits. That said, It was nice to have the option to be able to if I wanted. I'm one of those people who cant bear to leave technology at home so I'm pretty sure my laptop enjoyed its unusual overnight break on the desk, cosy in its little leopard print case! IMG_9393 copy We spent the bulk of the afternoon in the lounge area, chatting away, too lazy to move after our fish and chips meal. Don't judge me for the chippy, this English girl misses England! IMG_9378 copy IMG_9401 copy After a while I decided to explore the rest of the hotel. With only 30 rooms, you would not begrudge the hotel for being quite small, or at least that is what I thought. To my surprise however, I found that there was so much to see and explore!

I have to go back - Bangkok I'm not so crazy about but I would gladly return (and already planning this) just to soak in the ambience and beauty of the Siam for a few more days! I'm not ashamed to say I got a bit snap happy - enjoy!
  IMG_9413 copyThe smoker's area - I don't smoke but I would gladly hang out there to watch the boats float down the river. IMG_9405 copy IMG_9408 copy IMG_9399 copy IMG_9427 copy IMG_9422 copy IMG_9423 copy The owner of the hotel collects antiques and I loved the pieces dotted all around the hotel, especially these little figurines from the Ming dynasty. IMG_9426 copy Mac our Butler decided to treat me to a 'secret' part of the hotel, a stunning but unfinished spa room which was not yet open to the public.IMG_9439 copy IMG_9434 copy IMG_9433 copy Alas, it was now time to head to the market, which meant that I had no time for a massage in the open spa :-( We did not want to miss the hotel's private shuttle boat service to town as it would mean sitting in Bangkok traffic which from what I saw, is worse than any I have ever experienced in Lagos OR Dubai! IMG_9442 copy IMG_9444 copy IMG_9451 copy IMG_9454 copy You can see them waiting for us in the distance, so alas my picture taking had to end! IMG_9459 copy It was the last time we saw our butler and my personal hotel guide, Mac, as he'd reached the end of his shift... IMG_9461 copy

The depth of this post is a testament to the wonderful stay we had at the Siam, it is truly the best hotel I have ever stayed in! The staff were exceptionally warm, Mac and Cherry in particular were really outstanding and thoughtful. Cherry especially, didn't inform us that her shift at work was over before taking the time out to take us to Sukimvit and show us around the local markets! We were really grateful!

I hope you enjoyed the post, in usual youtube fashion I uploaded a hotel room tour to my channel, so you can check out the hotel in its glory below! I didn't know what to expect when I visited Bangkok - I was met with a bustling city, proud of its rich culture and positive people but I also feel like I found a mini haven for those moments when you want a break from your city break. Until next time, Siam. Sawadika.

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At 11 November 2013 at 18:43 , Blogger Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! This hotel is absolutely beautiful! I'm almost at a loss for words! Lol

At 11 November 2013 at 18:44 , Blogger AllisBelle said...

haha Maya, well you know where to go next time you are in Thailand!

At 14 November 2013 at 12:56 , Blogger Unknown said...

WOW! Can I move in there permanently please.



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