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Thailand Diary: Buddhas in Bangkok - The Golden Buddha

The Golden Buddha, Travel Blog, Bangkok It seems like ages ago since I was traipsing around Bangkok visiting various temples and seeing Buddhas for the first time! Temple tours in Bangkok is a 'must do' for any visitor in the city and in this long overdue post, I'll show you the first one I saw - The Golden Buddha, a massive solid gold Buddha image located in the temple of Wat Traimit.

Despite the grey overcast weather, the temple housing the Buddha stood out in all its golden glory...What to do in Bangkok, travel blog, golden buddha

IMG_9132 Prayers are still held in the temple so I threw my pashmina over my maxi dress, took off my sandals and made my way in with the girls. IMG_9124These kids couldn't resist!
We finally stepped in and the first thing we saw was the Emerald Buddha, a massive structure in a surprisingly smaller room than I had expected. IMG_9134
At its base was this table of mini buddhas and quite a few people were knelt in prayer and reverence in front of it.
IMG_9136 We did not want to interrupt the praying visitors so we walked around checking out the smaller structures in the room. 'Smaller' meaning still big but not as big as the Emerald buddha! IMG_9140 Thailand Travel, Buddha IMG_9138
The room, just like the exterior of the temple, was intricately designed with gold everywhere!
Although I am not a Buddhist, my favorite part of the visit was seeing the reverence on people's faces as they stepped in and out of the temple...
IMG_9153Travel photography

Next stop and post - the temple of the reclining Buddha!

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