Saturday, 16 February 2013

Model Love: Cara Delevingne

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 photo _AG10423320x480_zps12e14589.jpg

Those brows though... Love them!

Cara Delevigne is definitely the model of the moment! Described as the new Kate Moss, I can definitely see her having the longevity of her predecessor. She is gorgeous, quirky and doesn't seem to take herself too seriously as evident by the abundance of onesie pictures like the one below on her instagram.

 photo article-2269513-173773BF000005DC-399_634x932_zps516d69c8.jpg
My favourite picture of hers is the first one for Love Magazine's clean issue which also featured the iconic Kate Moss on the cover 

 photo Kate-Moss-Love-magazine-Spring-2013-bath-cover_zpsc97cccd0.jpg


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Model Love: Cara Delevingne