Saturday, 16 March 2013

Mad about Monochrome - Fashion Haul Video

And the obsession with Monochrome continues...

I was looking at my recent purchases the other day and realised that most of the things I'd been buying fit in perfectly with Spring's latest fashion trend. I've already done posts on some of the items I purchased, like my fire engine red buckle Zara sandals (post here), but check out my video for more pieces.

They don't call it a fashion haul for nothing, my biceps seem to have amazing tone this week just from lugging all those shopping bags! Thankfully, most of the items I got were reasonably priced, so rest assured that pretty much anyone can afford shop the trend. 

Again, like I said in the video, this is a good time to shop for clothes that will last you through many seasons to come (depending on the quality of the clothes you purchase obviously) because the colour palette is so basic. I mean, you just cant go wrong with black or white and no one is going to tell you it is out of style next year, so if you like something, buy it! (as long as you can afford it though lol)

Let me know what you think about the clothes and accessories I got, especially if anything is a NAY!


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Mad about Monochrome - Fashion Haul Video