Wednesday, 18 September 2013


It was like stepping into Aladdin's cove...

Dubai, Travel Blog, Persian Rug, what to do in dubaiIMG_6791 copy IMG_6790 IMG_6789 As we wondered round Souk Al Bahar, my friend and I stumbled on Tahran Carpets and Antiques, a cute little trading store with lots of shiny bits and bobs! It was like a treasure cave! Don't the pictures make you want to decorate? I pretty much wanted to buy the whole store! IMG_6795 copy IMG_6786 We left the store and continued to be surrounded by pretty things...see why I said Souk Al Bahar is one of my favorite places in Dubai? IMG_6801 IMG_6805 copy The Souk is also home to a few bars, and Cleo couldn't help but be drawn to the house music blaring from this place! Karma kafe Dubai Although we pretty much live in Dubai now, we both couldn't resist acting like tourists! IMG_6781 IMG_6778 If you are planning on heading to Dubai at any point, visiting the souk should definitely be on your list! Souk Al Bahar, Dubai

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Beautiful Souk Al Bahar

zara, fall fashion, jumpsuit, dubai I love Dubai evenings, the usually scorching weather dips to a lovely temperature and becomes a lot less humid, making it perfect for exploring! Last week, my friend and I decided to check out Souk Al Bahar, a gorgeous area in downtown Dubai. It has quickly become one of my favorite places, especially this waterfront promenade opposite the Burj Khalifa. Souk Al Bahar, Dubai UK Fashion Blog
IMG_6737 I love this zara Jumpsuit because its so light and perfect for the Dubai humidity. I quickly discovered that thick clothing, ie jeans, does not work while Dubai is still technically in the summer season. Look how flustered I got in my latest vlog!

I have to apologise for the blurry pictures, but it was a great effort by my friend who is just discovering the joys of my camera haha! Souk Al Bahar, Travel Blog IMG_6749 what to wear in Dubai Rihanna, Rihanna for River Island, Dubai IMG_6769 copy Dubai Fountain, Water Promenade

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Sunday, 8 September 2013

My first week in Dubai!

Burj Khalifa, Travel Blog I made it guys! I've been in Dubai for just over a week and I've been up to soooo many things so this is just a summary post! It's a gorgeous city and there is so much to do! So in my first week, I visited the Souk al Bahar. There is a full post to come on this as it is one of my favorite places so far.It is also where the Dubai mall and the beautiful synchronised fountains are. My dress was a bit risqué but no one really cared, as long as you look balanced (ie not showing too much skin) you'll be alright. souk al bahar, dubai mall, rihanna for river island maxi dress, Messing around dubai outfit, the address dubai I feel like every time I go to the Souk, I discover something new, I cant wait to stock up on these beauties! dub 4 The tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa is also in full view from the Souk. Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Travel Blog I found Topshop and Zara on my first day haha! There are so many high street brands here that I might as well be on oxford street. 97bd4cc8119a11e393a222000a1fb70a_7 The Arab ladies usually have flawless makeup and have inspired me to put a little bit more effort into my makeup. Ive been chronicling my makeup looks via instagram selfies haha. 4 Very randomly, I also headed to the fish souk. It is listed as one of Dubai's tourist destinations - its one of the most authentic things to do as you get to mingle with the local fishermen and grab a bargain on fresh fish. The trip is meant to give you an insight into the traditional fishing communities while grabbing a bargain on an array of fresh fish. It certainly was an interesting experience, I left with delicious fish and a banging headache! You have to be prepared to haggle and I ended up overwhelmed! Sticking to waitrose next time haha Dubai Fish Souk I spent the first three days on my own, until my friend came into town and we ended up at Reem Al Bawadi, one of the best places to get sheesha in downtown dubai. I loved the ambience of the place, good food too, but I'd go more for the atmosphere. restaurants in dubai I've been doing a LOT of eating here but so far the most indulgent meal I have had is brunch at Nobu restaurant in the Atlantis Hotel - again, a seperate restaurant review will follow, but lets just say, thats the most I've ever eaten in my life!nobu restaurant dubai, food blog, On one of my alone days I ended up at Jumeriah Beach walk. This is a very nice strip for people watching.. can you believe dubai police cars are BMWs?! 1 I talk more about my first week and my horrendous flight experience in this vlog.. enjoy!

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Monday, 2 September 2013

Notting Hill Carnival Vibes

london fashion blog, outfit of the day, notting hill carnival, streetstyle

My last week in London was a blur, full of good byes, frantic running around and agonising over how many shoes I could fit into my suitcase. However, I managed to free up some time in my schedule for Nottinghill Carnival - there was no way I was missing one of Europe's biggest street parties right before I left the country! I was so glad I did, I had a blast! I went with my friends, Natasha and Tinu, and sooo many belly laughs were had and memories created.

We were so hyped we really didn't need those Malibu shots! nottinghill carnival, uk fashion blog

Vibrant colours everywhere! red hair, notting hill carnival, zara dress,

bisousnatasha, nottinghill carnival

Notting hill carnival was one of those events I fell out of love with because at one point a few years ago, it felt like there was always drama with people getting hurt. However, this time around the vibe was completely different, everyone we bumped into was just there for a laugh and to have an incredible time, especially these girls!

Nottinghill carnival, party outfit, london
allisbelle, nottinghill carnival, photo2 copy I kept my outfit really simple as you usually have to walk a long way from the station to the different sound systems.

nottinghill carnival, zara dress,IMG_0099 copy
Dress: Zara, Shoes: Leather Converse, Satchel bag: borrowed from my cousin - I think it was from Primark or so, it was great because it held everything, including my huge camera!
IMG_0098 copyIMG_0096 copystreetstyle

How gorgeous are these two natural posers? Well, Natasha is a model and Tinu was a model so that probably explains it! IMG_0082 This guy thought they could do better so he coached them along. I think in his youth he was a Tyson Beckford type! IMG_0080 copy It worked! IMG_0078 copy So much yummy food everywhere. I live for carnival jerk chicken. I need a recipe! carnival food, jerk chicken, london At this point or thereabouts my camera died! I was so heated! allisbelle, bisousnatasha Now for the sign off by Natasha, check her blog out - bisousnatasha london fashion, I'm still getting settled in in dubai but as soon as I am a dubai update will follow! x

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