Tuesday, 26 February 2013

My Street Style Favorites from Milan Fashion Week by Tommy Ton

 photo image_0033_zpsde5b0c88.jpg
 photo image_001j_zps5d5cc3d8.jpg
 photo image_001_zps1ff05778.jpg
 photo image_002_zpse93093f5.jpg
 photo image_003_zps26a09f27.jpg
 photo image009_zps013ea8d3.jpg
 photo image008_zpsc806c9a1.jpg
 photo image004_zps22af46a9.jpg
 photo image002_zpsac47ae17.jpg
 photo image005_zps4c3ed12e.jpg
 photo image001_zpsb643888e.jpg
 photo image_009_zpsa6197d58.jpg

I don't recall winter in London ever looking this fabulous! I love these street style Shots By Tommy Ton at Milan Fashion Week.

I went to Milan for my birthday a couple of years ago and thought the city was great for fashion! They had the BEST vintage pieces and couture I have ever seen in my life and I picked up my favorite Dior glasses as seen here for only 60 Euros!


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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Get Ready with Me! + Quick Braids Tutorial

Hope you are all having a fabulous sunday! Mine has been a long but productive one!

Just sharing my getting ready process. I recorded this when I was at the Grove - I blogged about the grounds and how fabulous the experience was here. This is my usual everyday face, the main thing that changes is the process but I can do this look in 5 minutes flat lol. 

Enjoy and have a great week ahead! Any questions just let me know 


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Saturday, 23 February 2013

A wintery Outfit of the Day

 photo retreatvideo_zpsce836a02.jpg
 photo 20130209-131740_zps3c1fc388.jpg
My winter style is usually very simple. I just like to be warm hence why you'll usually find me in a jumper and jeans combo unless im going out out. I was still at the Grove here so there was no need to dress up!

Jumper - Oasis
Skinny Ankle Jeans and ankle boots - Topshop
Beret - No idea - I won it! :-)

Check out my OOTD video below!

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Friday, 22 February 2013

The Grove: Weekend in the Country

 photo IMG_4429_zps04c17c3c.jpg
 photo IMG_4431_zps94f72767.jpg
 photo IMG_4433_zps433f1672.jpg
 photo IMG_4376_zps09ffbaa5.jpg
 photo IMG_4378_zps49ef71cc.jpg
 photo IMG_4380_zps372e3c2a.jpg
 photo IMG_4390_zpsabdf03ab.jpg
 photo IMG_4418_zps2abe148d.jpg
 photo IMG_4407_zps75fcef8e.jpg
 photo IMG_4410_zps4a147fb6.jpg

Picture Overdose!

Recently I took time out from london to spend the weekend away in the country with some friends. I was a bit hesitant at first because I'm the type to jet off to a different for a sunny weekend rather than staying in England - the rubbish weather anyone? but this was definitely an change and an experience I appreciated!

So first we stayed at an amazing country estate/ hotel called the Grove. It's described as a Luxury Hotel, Spa and Golf resort. For some reason they gave themselves 5 stars lol. I don't quite agree! It felt luxurious but I've stayed in fancier 5 stars hotels around the world so I would be quite hesitant to give it 5 stars. 4 maybe! But to be fair, thats because I did not get a 'hotel vibe' from here. It felt more like I was staying at a huge fancy luxurious house! A different experience from a hotel but just as enjoyable!

It was a lot of fun, there were a range of activities including Segway racing, Clay pigeon shooting and Archery. I felt like I was acting out the hunger games at one point! I got distracted with hanging out with my friends and forgot to take a lot of pictures of the interior but check out my room tour below, I'll also be posting some footage of the grounds and what we got up to in my next video.

I'd recommend the Grove for a quick break away from London. Its in hertfordshire *cough* Watford *cough*, don't let that dissuade you though, the location is divine, the grounds are expansive and it doesn't feel like you are anywhere near watford lol.

Room Tour Vlog:


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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

What I wore to work: Lift edition :-)

I seldom have enough time to take a picture of what I wear to work even though I've been meaning to do that for ages! I can usually manage a quick selfie in the lift though so that can give you an idea of how I dress for work!

I love wearing dresses, not really a suit person and I'm glad I don't have to wear it. Rigid suits make me feel like I'm wearing a straight jacket! Yuk!

Outfit details:
Faux fur coat: Topshop (this coat has been my life saver this winter so expect to see a lot more of it!)


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Sunday, 17 February 2013

What I'd wear from Rihanna's Collection for River Island

 photo Rihannahair_zps0364a2ef.jpg

I'd definitely wear the thigh split dress, the jumpsuit on one of my casual days strolling down the strip in Spain and the orange dress if I had ABSOLUTELY nothing to wear and got desperate!

You may already know that I love Rihanna's style especially when she wears glamourous pieces like her Azzedine Alaia dress for the Grammy's, however, I am not too keen on the street look and thats the vibe she went for with this collection for River Island.

 photo Rihanna_V_11feb13_rex_b_426x639_zpsea80127b.jpg
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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Model Love: Cara Delevingne

 photo cover_image_3_zpscf8859a4.jpg

 photo 133925-800w_zpsb9c17159.jpg

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Video - YSL Le Tient Touche Eclat Foundation Review

Finally got round to posting my YSL Le Tient Touche Foundation Review Video! Check out the full blog post review here and the tutorial for the Valentine's Day makeup look here.

What do you think about the finish? 

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Monday, 11 February 2013

Valentine's Day Makeup: Red and Gold

 photo IMG_4447-001_zpsaee9a65b.jpg
 photo IMG_4445-001_zps68ec6d4d.jpg
 photo IMG_4448-001_zps5334ab89.jpg
 photo IMG_4441-001_zps9fa7740a.jpg

So I unfortunately I wasn't able to film a video tutorial for this Valentine's day look but its very easy to follow. I've listed the products used and the order I applied them!


1. Foundation: Applied YSL's Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation in BD70 all over as my foundation base.

2: Concealer: Applied MAC's pro long wear concealer in NW40 in a 'U' shape under my eye's to brighten up the area and cover dark circles.

3. Setting Powder: Although I love YSL Touche Eclat Foundation's skin illuminating properties, I wanted a more matte look for my night out so I used the Ben Nye Skin Finish powder in Coco Tan as a foundation setting powder. It is largely translucent so the brightness of the YSL foundation still shines through. Use the powder lightly so it doesn't cover up the foundation and look 'cakey'.

4. Eyeshadow I - Urban Decay's Fun Palette: Using an eyeshadow brush, I applied the Baked gold shade all over the base of my eye lid, just stopping at the crease as I don't like my eye shadow extending all the way up to my eye brows!

5. Eyeshadow 2: Using a flat eye shadow brush, I created a cut crease with the brown powder in Sleek's dark face contour kit. A flat brush like this one makes is like a cheat way to create a cut crease as its quick and easy to get that defined line! After that I used a blending brush to blend the brown colour in.

6. Winged Eye: I created my usual wing eye/cat eye using my Black Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eye liner in black.

7. False Lashes: Using duo eyelash glue, I applied my false eyelashes from Primark. They only cost a pound! Amazing value and natural looking.

8. Blush: I applied the blush by blending each colour from Sleek's Blush by 3 in Flame. I like the orangey -reddish colour it produces. 

9. Highlight: I then applied the gold highlight from the sleek face contour kit  on to the top of my cheek bones and down the bridge of my nose.

10: Eyebrow Highlight: Again using the Sleek highlight colour i defined under my eyebrows for that perfect illuminated arch.

11: Define Eyebrows: I used the eyebrow kit from Sleek MakeUP in Dark to define my eyebrows. I don't like the wax bit so I just brushed my eyebrows in place using a brow brush then filled them in using the dark colours.

12: Apply Lipstick: Unfortunately I was rushing off for dinner so didn't have time to do my lips properly but I applied my trusty MAC Ruby Woo as my lipstick for the night.  Its a good idea to use lip liner before applying lipstick especially when you'll be eating but I'm not going to lie, I usually skip that step! Lip liner usually makes the lipstick colour last longer and adhere to your lips after kissing ;-) so don't be a lazy bugger like me this valentine's day!

I hope you guys like this look, please let me know if you did and I would LOVE to see your Valentine's day looks so please link your blogs, instagram or youtube channels below! 

Enjoy your day! 


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Yves Saint Laurent - Tient Touche Eclat Foundation Review

 photo YslFoundationreview1_zps9807f999.jpg

Im so excited to write this review because I seem to have found a new product to love! Yves Saint Laurent brought out a foundation version of their tremendously popular touche eclat highlighter last year and I'm excited to finally get a chance to try it out. 

I went to Selfridges a couple of days ago to purchase this specifically as I'd head good things and wanted a break from my MAC match master foundation which had conveniently run out. I used it, fell in love and decided to share my own thoughts on the well known Yves Saint Laurent Teint Touche Eclat Foundation... so here we go!

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Friday, 8 February 2013

Work Outfit of the Day - Monochrome

 work ootd

I'm not really a skirt or trouser suit type of girl, I dont think the latter look as feminine or flattering at work, and I don't mind the former but I see no need to wear skirt suits to the office because my firm is very chilled out. From what I've gathered on youtube that might not be the case for similar top law firms out there. Either way, I'm thankful! this is one of my smarter work outfits, I had to see clients that day so I decided to dress up a bit more formally!

Outfit details
Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Jacket - £10 from Topshop, absolute bargain right?!
Black Patent Stilletto Heels - again from Topshop

My only accessory was my braids haha, <3 <3 <3

I have a video of the outfit below, and the one beneath that is video collage of a week in my work wardrobe and you can see more of the black dress in the above picture! I'll be doing another wardrobe collage as soon as I can persuade my friends to film me somewhere work neutral!

Whats your office dress code?

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Winter Faux Fur Coat - My Winter Must have!


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Valentine's day outfit ideas - LBD with a pop of RED

Valentine's look - LBD with a pop of colour

Valentine's day is round the corner! 

YAY :-)! 
WOMP :-(!

Regardless of how you feel, its always nice to dress up whether you have a hot date or an anti-valentines date with your girls! I'm not too sure what I'm doing yet, I do have dinner planned for that night so while I was figuring out what to wear I thought it would be a fabulous idea to share some of the Valentines day outfits that I've come up with!

From now till Valentine's day I'll try to post daily outfit ideas ending with what I wore that night! :-)

This first look is a classic and would be perfect for a Valentine's day dinner. The opposite of the little black dress, I love it because it doesn't scream VALENTINE'S DAY! Its bombshell sexy with the plunging back but the midi length also adds quite a lot of class. Top the look off with my favorite lipstick - Ruby Woo by MAC and you are good to go.

What do you think.. yay or nay? J'ADORE!

Outfit details:

Dress: asos
Heels and Clutch: Guiseppe Zannotti
Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo

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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Beyonce O2 Priority AD - Old school opulence!

How amazing is Beyonce seriously? I love this advert for 02 Priority! I glanced up from my laptop screen to see Mrs Carter swaying towards me in magnificent opulence on my TV! *jaw dropped*! My friend is on O2 priority so believe me when I say we will be refreshing that screen like mad women on 21 february when tickets for 'The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour' opens 48 hours before general public release!

I still cant believe I haven't seen her in concert yet, I heard she flies around... did you know that? haha


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Monday, 4 February 2013


oh my gosh! Its 1.34 am here and I have work in the morning but I just HAD to blog on the amazing performance that was beyonce at the Super bowl. I LOVE that woman, she is almost synonymous with hardwork, talent and perfecting your craft! and that body? My gosh, I really cannot be more in awe!

beyonce super bowl 2013 outfit

beyonce super bowl 2013 outfit

For her incredible performance at super bowl 2013 Beyonce wore an bodysuit by a not-so-big named designer called Rubin Singer. Obviously immensely talented, his Python, Leather and Lace take on Beyonce's usual leotard style was very different but awesome and fit in with her rock chick persona for the Super Bowl.

A sketch of the outfit is below, the version worn at the super bowl was largely similar but without most of the bottom half!

beyonce outfit superbowl 2013

Beyonce Super Bowl outfit 2013

Although not commonly known, Rubin Singer has dressed a number of celebrities previously including Solange Knowles in this amazing draped white gown.

beyonce outfit superbowl 2013

As for Rubin Singer, Im glad Beyonce's Super bowl Performance was an incredible way to showcase his talent to the wider public! He is not bad looking either :-P

rubin singer

rubin singer

You can see more of the outfit in the video recording of the amazing halftime performance here - complete with destiny's child! haha

What did you think of her performance and the outfit?


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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Blue Smokey Eye - Night out makeup using Urban Decay's Black Palette


I was out at the Box London last friday and decided to try a little bit more than my usual plain face and popping lipstick so I messed around with Urban Decay's Black palette and come up with the FOTN you see above :-)

Unfortunately the pictures aren't so clear but you get the gist! I decided to go for a blue smokey eye using only Sabbath and Black Dog. I love Urban Decay's Palette's the pigments are very rich and you don't need to put in a lot of work to get the colour payoff. I got the palette in spain last year for about 10 euros and its been a staple in my makeup arsenal since then! Its sold out now but you can still get it from eBay - I wholly recommend the palette for dark makeup looks. I'll do a full review of the palette shortly with swatches and the like but for now you can see the colours below.


For the rest of my face I used the sleek face contour kit for my highlights and contouring and also to darken up my brows. I topped off the eyeshadow with some Primark lashes and a black liquid eyeliner from Rimmel London. Finally I finished off with MAC Taupe as my lipstick and revlon nude lustre as gloss!

C'est fini!

Apologies the pictures aren't the greatest (iphone selfies lol) but I can film a tutorial and take more pictures if anyone is interested!


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