Monday, 2 December 2013

Beautiful Bankgok at night

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I'm nearly done with my Thailand posts I promise! :-P

I've been enjoying practising my photography with my new camera and I hope you enjoy these pictures of Bangkok at night! To be honest, the city is not very pretty, but at night time it is astonishingly beautiful, especially when captured on the river like we were!
Things to do in Bangkok IMG_9513bangkok photographyIMG_9262 IMG_9490 IMG_9488 IMG_9487 IMG_9280 IMG_9270IMG_9257 IMG_9251 IMG_9243

I would definitely recommend doing one of the river boat dinner cruises if you are ever in Bangkok. There are so many companies to choose from - we went on the princess boat because the one we wanted - Aspara Cruise - was sold out, so if you are looking for something even more fancy definitely check it out but remember to book in advance!

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Beautiful Bankgok at night